Fat Reduction


Out fat reduction treatments are probably what we are best known for.  I have trained intensively for the past four years in fat reduction treatments and also combination fat reduction treatments. We have all sorts of skin tightening and fat reduction combination treatments that suit all budgets and I am more than happy to talk prospective clients through what amazing results can be achieved.


I have a large portfolio of clients of all shapes and sizes that I have helped to achieve their desired outcome. My results have been exhibited at national level via exhibitions and I have been asked on numerous occasions to carry out treatments on the live stage at medical shows to show what can be achieved non-invasively. I have been trained by the highly commended Barbara Freytag whose reputation in the industry for fat reduction treatments is of gold standard and her training is banded by insurance companies at levels 4 to 6. Through Barbara’s help, vigorous training and with carefully sourced machines our results are of an extremely high standard. It is through experience and in-depth knowledge that we are able to use these machines together for combination treatments and I often use four treatments in one session. We always use lymphatic drainage with our fat reduction treatments and have a dedicated lymphatic drainage room with a pressotherapy machine and infrared sauna.



Ideal for clients who follow a healthy eating plan. This package includes a weekly session which lasts around 2 hours. The package consists of the following treatments:-

1. Press Therapy

A lymphatic drainage suit which is used to help the body clear the cellulite and push the bodies waste disposal system into areas it may not be able to reach unaided.


2. Laser Lipolysis

Works on the overall area and drains the cells and shrinks the cell membrane.

3. Cold Cavitation

Working at varying depths this ultrasound is 50% stronger than ultrasonic cavitation and addresses the bodies fat cells.

4. Acoustic Wave

Breaks down cellulite and rebuilds collagen. 

We use an iPad to display before and after shots and to show you where the fat has gone. We look for a visible reduction in subcutaneous fat by the second session. Please note that these combination sessions are recommended for the abdomen area only



I use two cryogenic lipolysis machines one with flat pads for difficult to reach areas. We use a pre treatment to drain fat cells prior to freezing them and have found not only is this kinder to the body but will also allow you to see a result on the day of your treatment. We follow this up with an acoustic wave treatment which helps to obliterate the fat cells and help with collagen reproduction. 


HIFU for FAT REDUCTION   ~   £400 

Using high intensity ultrasound for fat reduction this treatment helps us to target the fat precisely at different depths. The fat cells are permanently destroyed. I am currently working on a level four certificate for this treatment which is perfect for double chins. 

For further information please contact us here for a free consultation.

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