At Avatar Aesthetics  we like to tailor things to the individual and use our extensive knowledge to create facials that are both relaxing and that use techniques both old and new. Our signature facial is completely unique to us and we’d like to think it represents everything we stand for. We are very proud to offer combinations that are state of the art in the industry using the most recent scientific discoveries alongside ancient Chinese tried and tested therapy that has given miraculous results in treatments the world over. When it comes to all of our facials we have one thing in mind: collagen reproduction. We have a variety of ways to build up collagen resulting in younger, tighter and brighter skin and of course with a reduction in wrinkles.


A combination of treatments starting with a very light natural peel, followed by radio frequency for skin tightening, ultrasound is then used with LEDs to deliver all of those fantastic skin enhancing properties like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and antioxidants. Our BIOPTRON Swiss light treatment is then used along with a snail secretion mask with a reiki practitioner to conclude with a facial massage and energy treatment. This facial is a relaxing one and is very popular with clients. 

HIFU FULL FACE   ~   £400

With HIFU we target the SMAS layer - this is the layer that a plastic surgeon would pull up if he were performing a face lift. By creating tiny holes that are carefully spaced out by our 2D HIFU machine, the bodies ability to heal will determine how effective this treatment is. Clients see around a 10% improvement on the day of treatment although this is not for the faint hearted. We recommend clients take a pain killer prior to treatment and for your comfort we can deliver full treatment over two sessions, this reduces the trauma quite significantly and we feel is the better option. The results last 18 months with only one session and it gives a natural all over rejuvenated appearance. We recommend clients have regular Radio Frequency sessions after HIFU for even better results. 


This facial, sometimes called a China Doll laser facial or Hollywood Peel, has replaced microdermabrasion and is very good for cleaning and evening out the skin. We use a carbon mask to cover the face and then it is lasered off using a Q-switched laser. This treatment is painless and very popular for those looking to achieve smooth porcelain like skin. This treatment also works with fine lines or wrinkles. 

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