We use unique combinations which are exclusive to us here at Avatar Aesthetics. I have been on a journey of discovery when it comes to cellulite and I can confidently say:


'I understand cellulite and I have everything under my clinic roof to hit cellulite at every level'


I never dreamt I would be able to make this bold statement but to be able to treat cellulite you must first understand how it’s formed and what contributes to its appearance.


Not wanting to give away our secrets to a wider audience, I would be more than happy to describe our treatments to you in detail and expand using diagrams in order to grade your cellulite. If you decide to come along I can guarantee that you will leave with a very detailed understanding of why it is that some treatments work and some don’t. I have machines that can treat cellulite at every level and every stage including:-



Breaks down cellulite and rebuilds collagen 



A lymphatic drainage suit which is used to help the body clear the cellulite and push the bodies waste disposal system into areas it may not be able to reach unaided



Working at varying depths this ultrasound is 50% stronger than ultrasonic cavitation and addresses the bodies fat cells


We bring guest treatments in like radio frequency, light treatment and vacuum to clear over your course of treatments.


I would expect to see clear visible results in just four sessions and will use photographic evidence after every session to ensure the treatment is working as expected.

For further information please contact us here for a free consultation.


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